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Wishing many glorious mornings for you, dear friend, and lots and lots of prayers. At first impulse I'd say "Of course you should come to Rhinebeck!", but the surgery is SO SO SO important that a wooly trip seems pale to the point of invisibility in comparison. This ain't gonna be the Last Rhinebeck Trek, dearie. ;)


Glad Daughter Bird is doing so well in college. Your Morning glories are blooming today while mine are slnking in the shadows. Wonder why? Hope all is well for you & yours. Hugs, Melissa


WoW!!!!!!!!! Your morning glories look great. It is really cold in Blue Bell. Now it is like 65. Freezing.


I too have a soft spot in my heart for morning glories. They just make me happy. Hoping Frances cuts you a wide berth.


I too love the Morning Glories.. the cultivated ones, the other ones just love choking my other plants and don't even have the common courtesy of blooming, harrumph!


What Kim said. We'll be missing you big-time, but Honey, you have to take care of those eyes. I send you whisper-kisses over the 'net.

Joan in Reno

Morning glories are glorious and snakes are a good thing. They eat things like little rodents that could get into places they shouldn't and grasshoppers. They make interesting pets, too, but not as cuddly and lovable as Sandy. All creatures have a purpose (except flies and mosquitos :-)). The disappointment of having to miss Rhinebeck is worse than not expecting to go at all, but first things first. Boy bird is doing great to handle his frustration so well. Blessings!! xoxo

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