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Whew. Having read your blog as you were going through this the first time, I can say you definitely sound more relaxed (or something) about having to go through this again. Still...what a pain.

Hey, remember Middlemarch? Something something about living our lives on the strength of metaphors, something something? 'Course, in Eliot's mind and in her characters, this is a bad thing. Not so much in your case.


Hugs and prayers and good, good wishes.


Oh, Greta, I'm sorry you'll have to go through this again. Sending you hugs...


Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Hope this time goes as well as the last.


Oh, that's a clear message from the Universe. Time to slow down for half a second and take care of you. I just wish that I was there to bring you casseroles and hold your hand. My thoughts are with you always. My love too.

Joan in Reno

This character building stuff is a drag, isn't it? I guess we all get some, however much we wish we wouldn't. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, as always. If we all had our druthers, you would be buried in casseroles and other manifestations of our esteem and affection if you couldn't skip this altogether. Hugs and kisses...


Keep your chin up! At least you know what to expect this time for what it's worth. You'll be in my thoughts until this all blows over.

debbie klement

Oh Greta!....sending good, healing thoughts your way!



You've been through it and know all will be well. You will be in everyone's thoughts and prayer. We need you to be healthy and happy as you are our angel.


I think it's okay if you frump around for a little bit and even swear a blue streak before you get all brave and philosophical, but that's just me.


What a pain in the...well, head I guess. Sending good, speedy healing thoughts your way!


Thank goodness you live at the epicenter of medicine. Thoughts and prayers for strength and vitality are yours.

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