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Sending you lots of love and hugs.


Your class sounds positively inspirational! Stillness & quiet...thank you, Greta for that reminder.

Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della

Hang in there, Greta. We're pulling for you and sending you completely positive vibes and woofs from the southwest.


Who knew when we learned to knit that it would bring so much to our lives.
Blessings to you in every way, dear Greta.


Wow, the symmetry between nurturing another life inside you then and nurturing a new life now. I had to look up how to spell symmetry just now and got the definition. Definiton 3: Beauty as a result of balance or harmonious arrangement. And now you're seeking balance through beauty.

Ooh I just tingle.


Wonderful, wonderful post. And I love Jennifer's comment -- you're pregnant with the new YOU. That sounds odd out loud, but I think it has real resonance, doesn't it?


I am so excited for you, Greta! So much possibility awaits. I love the notion of you, pregnant with the potential of a whole new way of living YOUR life. Rebirth comes in unexpected forms. I am thrilled to bear witness to yours.

Joan in Reno

Wonderful . . . stillness and just being with yourself. What an inspiring by-product of something difficult. A true silver lining. Pregnant with your new self, a beautiful metaphor. You are an inspiration. I love your blog (and you).

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