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I adore your kids!


Dude, the Turtles are making a comeback? Oh man, I could have waited another 20 or 30 years for that to occur.

*Ditto on Christy's comment!* xxoo


We have a high level of Turtle-Awareness around here these days, thanks to my boychild. Just be glad it isn't Yu-Gi-Oh. Trying to figure out the intricacies of that particular phenomenon would give anyone a headache!
Glad you have a birthday and CAKE to look forward to! :)


Cow-a-bung-a dude! LOL! Thanks for the offer of helping with a neurologist - depending upon what happens in the next couple of weeks you may hear from me. Take it easy with the eyes - put on something that soothes and have a nice cuppa.


You do know that we listened to a TMNT dvd *all the way to CA*, right? Raphael is the fave here, 'cause you know, his mask is RED. In fact, I sewed a fabric version a couple of days ago because we finally ran out of red crepe paper...


I thought of you and the kids today as another mom and I went to see the big mouse with our kids. Lots of noises coming from our two. Meg, a quiet self-talker. Owen, a loud train noise maker. Owen does not have much echolalia or scripting. He did, however, annoy many people at the bank this morning as he tried to "convince" me to let him ride the elevator.

BTW, Cameron loves the Turtles. :)

Mary Beth

I learn so much from you when you share this stuff with all of us. (I mean about the autism, not the turtles, LOL). Can you believe they are back?


I consider the whole 80s toy renaissance to be rooted in the fact that the parents either (a) want all the toys they had as kids again or (b) want all the toys their parents wouldn't buy for them when they were kids. Honestly, walking into a toy section is starting to be a time warp, what with Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers and TMNT.


I think Sarah has hit it on the nose.. all those toys and fads of our youths coming back for somewhat selfish reasons ;) How old is your son?


Dude, what do you mean "sound like they're from CA"? We don't have an accent, dude.


I love it when you talk about your kids -- they're always the heroes of the stories. :)

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