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Darling, that sounds like the ideal course! Of action I mean, not just the fair isle class. Sorry you got a does of my current doctor disdain. The boys decided to leave me out of today's visit, buty I'll call you anyway. XXO


You go, girl! Sounds like your inimitable spirit lives on. Long live the SPIRIT!

Mary Beth

You're soundin' good, sistah! Well, at least you don't need surgery. Be well and I think that sounds like a plan...(the taking care of you!)


Yes! Live for yourself! You deserve it! and it's nice to see another fair isler coming into the fold. Welcome!


Applauds - you are overdue for dedicated "me" time. I hope the negative effects of the meds will ease up.

Okay, here's a funny I will change for your benefit. (In MS circles, he is always a neurologist)

A world famous eye surgeon dies and goes to heaven. He is met at the gate by St. Peter who explains there are a few rules that must be abided by.

St. Peter takes the world famous eye surgeon into the cafeteria where the most extensive array of food is deliciously displayed as far as the eye can see. St. Peter explains that there is one rule here that must never be broken. One is to wait their turn in this line. If a person attempts to cut the line, he will be banished from the cafeteria.

St. Peter has barely stopped speaking when a flash of white coat goes bustling by them. The person knocked people out of the way, grabbed food for his tray and cut into the line several times.

Opened mouthed the world famous eye surgeon turned to St. Peter and says, "Who is that? I thought you said there was no cutting allowed."

St. Peter says, "Oh, that's God - sometimes he likes to pretend he is a world famous eye surgeon."


Good idea.


Yes, good idea. And, I for one, had quite a laugh at Bliss' joke. Too funny.

Glad you're back blogging. We missed you!


So good to see that you won't need eye surgery - here's hoping the side effects of the drops pass quickly. Taking care of yourself is the perfect life plan - do so in joy!


Greta - that sounds perfect. You definately need "you" time. Look at it as a reward for your selflessness in working with others!


Yeah Greta! Guilt for wanting to do what you want and have fun?! I say buy a Nike hat and just do it!


It is so good to have you back and hopefully Jeanne will pass over quickly! We don’t want to do without you another day!
Be careful with the nausea. I just passed out last week from medication intolerance (nausea) and they say it is a common problem…who knew!?
You are very right to take time for yourself. There are so many ways to give to others and you have been a very generous and gracious presence in all our lives. You will certainly continue to give in a different way than to the people in your past.
It is so wonderful to have the chance to learn new knitting skills and to grow. We learn more about life by being with other knitters and more about ourselves, too. Take care, goddess bless and knit on!


Oh, dearest Greta! This is just the right thing. No guilt necessary.


Yeah! Nancy is awesome! I took a spinning class with her this summer that changed the way I think about spinning. Have fun and enjoy!


Sounds like a plan! :)

Keeping you in my prayers so that those magical drops do their thing and work.


I agree with everyone else, you deserve to be good to yourself, completely guilt free! I'm jealous of the Fairisle class, I've been thinking lately how much I'd like to take one. And positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way, that the eye drops will work.

Joan in Reno

Everyone is out of the nest, now is indeed your time to indulge yourself with all of things you have put off. Your obligations are fulfilled. Enjoy this time without guilt. I hope the drops work like magic and you have no more trouble with your eye. And it is so good to have you back.


Sending you light and love and my biggest hug and ALL my pride. SO proud of you, darlin'.... Now. Gatorade and saltines for that nausea. Love you.


Isn't it the truth about the ego maniacs? An RN friend of mine tells me that such folks need that kind of confidence and ego in order to perform. Yeah, well---I still think Doctors Like MFES (Mr. Famous Eye Surgeon), could use a class in Bedside Manner 101. Hell, maybe even BM 102.

Love to you, sweetpea, and hugs all around! xxooxxoo


I love the idea that you have 25 years of time off coming to you! YES, you should absolutely do what you want now -- including steeking a Fair Isle, of course.

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