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Tell me it gets better at the barber shop...Kevin and I just ventured into home haircutting. And Owen doesn't chew gum yet...and shaving...I can't even imagine. I love reading the adventures of daughter bird at college. I, too, would love her to have her own blog but I guess studying is probably more important. :)


What a beautiful picture. Wouldn't mind doing errands there at all.


You travel safely, darling. Tell DB Rachael is thinking the most happy, excited thoughts for this new part of her life and sends love.


Beautiful pic! Now send that to those doctors with their so-called *predictions* for her future. Have a great weekend momma!


The burden you have to carry eh... another visit to the lake and its energy :0) Safe driving for you and transisting for you both.
Have a very sucessful fundraising 'do' and then be really revolutionary and be gentle on you eh. Pace, purpose and peace in being is a little slower maybe :0).

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