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Tons of rain, but thankfully no wind and tornados. It kinda missed us besides 4-5 inches of rain. Hope you made it through safe & sound. Did you love the synchronized diving? Very cool, if I must say so myself. Hugs & love Melissa


Wuuffff Sandy.Coooool hat! I just told my mom about it. She said I could go through the stash and she'll make me one too! Now, exactly what flavoring did your mom knit into those pom poms? Love, Kishka


I think the handspun must still have that sheepiness to it...she LOVES it, but insists on carrying the pom poms in her mouth as she is running around with it on....giggle.


You know, I'm not normally a poodle kind of person, but the Princess is the exception. She is just too cute!


I think that Sandy Poodle perfectly embodies the difference between cats and dogs.


Sooooooooooo cute! Thx for the "day brightening" with your precious pooch! :)


Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That hat is sooooo cute. What pattern did you use????????? Kishka keeps looking at the picture on the screen and says, "Woof woof" which I guess means he wants one.


LOL!!! Too cute! Geesh you did that up FAST! She looks adorable in pink :)


The hurricane helmet! Brunhilde is PERFECT, in every way. I wish I had been up to see it first..... But I'm just now waking up, and what a glorious sight to see in the morning. I can't STAND how cute she is.


Heh heh heh. I can't decide if she is very content with her hat, or if she is just humoring you. Thanks for the birthday wishes, fellow Leo (I'm assuming you're a fellow Leo?).


I'm going to accuse you of getting that cute poodle just for the cool blog pix.


I don't know if Bud would ever forgive me for knitting him a kitty hat, but it might be worth it just for fun. More likely, mine will be for K2.


I don't know if Bud would ever forgive me for knitting him a kitty hat, but it might be worth it just for fun. More likely, mine will be for K2.


You should post a warning...before looking at the following pictures, put down your beverages and grab the kleenex. Laughter commences...

It's a great hat made better on the lovely Sandy! My, what perfect pompoms you have.


That is ADORABLE! I don't think my white fluffball would ever let me put a hat on her...


Are you SURE Sandy's a poodle? She's looking an awful lot like a Bichon right about now!!! That hat is adorable, and she is a real sweet punkin' for tolerating it ON and actually POSING for the camera to boot. Poor Vinnie -- I put something like that on him and he thinks it's a punishment and won't move. Literally. For hours. Poor sweetie. Just got in from the trip over the Adirondacks, and you're the first person I visited, just so you know! (12:50 a.m.,btw)


She looks so cute in the hat and she is such a good girl keeping it on.


That could not be cuter and surely picks up a Monday morning!!


Awwwwwwwwww! Awwwwwwwww! How cute is that! It's so cute I can't stand it.

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