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Oh, tears here.
I'm so glad.....


Awww, Happy Belated Birthday, m'dear! I'm glad you had surprises waiting for you upon your return! *mwah*


Tears of joy are streaming down my cheek for you. (((((HUG))))
May every year be better than the last. Live long and happy.


Keep on dreaming gal, you got to keep those miracles well supplied. Happy UnBirthday, may the party continue for the coming year and the years ahead because with friends life is always a dance not a drudge. Glad glad am I that a suitable pile of gifts awaited you and that glad heart of yours.


Amen, Sweet Sistah. I'm all sniffly now, and it ain't my allergies, neither. See you in PEI. PEI or bust!


All I'm sayin' is: what goes around, comes around.

Love you.


Eating veggies and cleaning one's room are overrated; EAT MORE CAKE, I say. Glad you had a lovely birthday!!

Joan in Reno

Glad it was a Happy Birthday! Next year it will be even better in PEI. Life is wonderful.


The longer life is, the fuller it becomes as we keep "becoming"!


Believe in miracles, indeed. That's what you deserve, my dear. So happy to hear of your welcoming bounty. xxoo


I am smiling, smiling, smiling reading your post and my eyes are all misty and happy. Thanks for sharing your feelings so eloquently. Happy birthday.

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