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Wwwuuff Sandy,
I wish my mommy would let me sit on her lap when she reads your mommy's blog. I think you have grown bigger. Love, Kishka... your bestest boodle friend.


Did you get slammed by Gaston yesterday? I heard that the rain was FIERCE up your way.

I *might* be going up to C.H. this Saturday for a football game....I'll keep you posted! :)


Awhh...you and Sandy are the perfect pair! I am looking forward to autumn and keep sniffing the wind in search of it.


Your glass cleaning method looks pretty good to me! Blurry, maybe...but full of love, indeed!

Now I don't know nuthin' bout no weather pixies, but I'll sure do a tater-rain dance for you. ;)


Oh my gosh to think of my two sitting on my lap...I'd never see the screen! Prayers for Frances to see the sights of ocean waves and NO land!!!


The weather doomsayers are predicting Frances to zoom over Atlanta on Sunday night - perfect, just in time for the birthday bash. Hopefully, she'll stay far away from you. Autumn is beginning to show her face here, my dogwoods and maple are beginning to flaunt their reds. So pretty, and a little cooler weather wouldn't be amiss. How fluffy Sandy is!


Oh, puppy kisses. That's how Bud likes to wake us up in the morning. He sees Ms. PP and just wants to PLAY!

J Strizzy

Oh, I so vehemently hope, no, ORDER Frances to stay away from your environs.

Man, if I had a little bundle of cuddle like that at home I'd never make it to work! Hope I get to meet her someday...


Did they walk UPhill BOTH ways? That's the good old lecture, innit? Greta??? LATE-BREAKING NEWS: NORMA'S GOING TO RHINEBECK!!!!!


i believe it was five miles, barefoot, backwards in the snow uphill both ways.....wasn't it??

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