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Don't you love the book! It's fab. Hope you have a wonderfull Birthday! Be safe during this mess. They are saying we may get it pretty bad here in So VA. Did you enjoy the olympics last night. I can't wait for them to start today. Knitting ready...




Happy Early Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I need to put that book on my wish list *grin*


I couldn't bear to watch/listen to the opening ceremonies either, for that exact same reason. It is exhausting to hear Bob/Katie drone on and on and on....

Please tell when is your exact birthday!


Happy early birthday!
I'm glad I'm in Canada and don't have to watch Bob/Kate, we have the old CBC (Canadian Broadcast Network). But I forgot all about the opening ceremonies last night.


You know how to give the girl who grew up in Nebraska chills. Glad you were safe from the Very Black Cloud.

Did they sing "Happy Early Birthday"?


Goodness, the very thought of you and yours so very close to that mighty Weather freezes the blood in my veins. Be safe, dearest. And big hugs sent your way.


Annie, the Actual birthday is the 20th ;) but as I shall be AWAY with the College bound bird....and Ann, there were no candles or singing because TECHNICALLY it was NOT my date of birth. They crack me up.


Those are some nice, kind kids you have there. Which doesn't surprise me in the least! :)
seeing that tornado must have been freaking awesome! And scary!!! I'm glad you are safe. We are battening down for some annoying wind and much rain, but nothing like the south had!


Greta what a fabulous early birthday. We have just gotten over the hand stamp at chuck e cheese. We are still afraid of the ride on rides and haven't come to enjoy birthday parties just yet. although, he was whisper singing happy birthday the other day. i am so glad you and the kids are doing okay weather wise. and can't wait to hear about the college stuff.


Happy early bithday, then, and hope you guys aren't flooding too much. My yard is wet. Very wet. But no trees have fallen or anything (fingers still crossed). :)


I can just see her face, asking you that.... Gulp, indeed.
:) Good thing *I* wished you Happy Really Really Early Birthday, too! xo


Very happy early birthday!! (and really, can you ask for a better real birthday celebration than taking Daughter Bird to college?) Keeping fingers crossed that the nasty weather doesn't get any closer... tornadoes are freaky, arent' they?

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