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J Strizzy

math in case she gets bored? literature first thing in the morning? my, you are a lucky mama.


How wonderful.( I remember doing it the other way - took a ton of Math and French, and the Literature classes were just to have fun.) Daughter Bird is going to have the time of her life!! And, the knitting Honors students!! What a great place!


Heck yeah, you're cool ;)


Is there a limit to lit classes? Oh, how wonderful!


I wish I could be there to cheer on Edwards with you. In Utah, our big five electoral votes ALWAYS go Republican. Election night is not my favorite night of the year.

Your birthday rock should be waiting for you when you get home. Happy, happy day.


You certainly are cool, Miss Greta! And lucky indeed!
Enjoy your last day. Please, please, dry the tears before you drive home! :)
hugs to you!


Well, I hope DB was told there isn't a limit! After other requirements are fulfilled, of course.

You really sound like you're having the best time.


OMG! Young men who knit? Maybe the world is getting better after all. "Oh, she's cool"? OF COURSE she is!


Well we all know "she's cool", we can vouch for that! Male knitters at college - wow. How refreshing it must be for an advisor to have someone so excited about learning and classes available.


What fun it must be for you to watch your daughter go through this exciting phase of her life. And it's also a little sad watching her grow up but it sounds like she's attending a wonderful university. After all there are Men Who Knit there!


One of these days I must meet Daughter Bird. I adore her already! So glad she's off to such a wonderful start.


Differential Equations...you two really like them? No joke?! They are what squashed my dreams of chemical engineering. :) It sounds like such a fabulous experience. What a proud mom you must be. :)


Amazing! Literature in the morning, Math for fun, and Men Who Knit! Sign me up, please.

sarah b.

Wow! Daughter Bird is truly amazing. Wishing and praying for a smooth adjustment for you both!


No way. You've lost all credibility with me now. You've lied about ALL of it. Pshaw! (mwah!)


What a perfect college! :-)

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