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My thoughts are with ya. Such wonderful WONDERFUL news about DB.


Hi Friend,
Just to let you know I'm thinking of you..Mariah left on the boat just a few minutes ago...as thrilled as I am it was a good hard yank on the old heart strings! She's going to the NY Sheep and Wool festival with me in October...and of course I've already called her...but still I miss her like crazy!!!


TENS of THOUSANDS of protestors in New York at the RNC. I do hope we can save the world...


I have to get my absentee ballot, as I will be out of the country on election day. Wish I could be there to knit and fundraise with you. Big kisses to the College Bird! What a lucky girl to have you for a mommy.


Thoughts are with you and New York....
love you!


Okay, you did it and so can I. If you survived college drop off with your oldest, then I am hopeful for next weekend. I hope my tears will stay dry until I am safely around the corner.
I hope.....
Thanks, Greta, for sharing this with us. Or rather with me.
As an aside and has nothing to do with anything here...but I must tell you this.
Every time I type your name, GRETA. I first spell GREAT. Freudian slip, I'm sure! I"m sure everyone will agree!!


Greta, I have another suggestion for your itinerary next summer. You must make a stop at the College of Piping in Summerside, PEI -- the only year-round institute of celtic performing arts in North America. Dancers and singers and pipes, oh my!


I know you think you're lucky to have such a sweet daughter, but I think she's darn lucky to have you! Happy thoughts to Kerry--tell him that a now laid off flight attendant who begged him to get off his cell phone at La Guardia last summer is still voting for him...really...he just kept on chatting like a teenage girl...


*sigh*....College Bird....that has such a lovely ring to it. Congratulations, Mom. xxoo

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