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How fab to get a text message from your son who lives away...bet there are a few Moms of sons that find the communication 'thing' lacking in young men of a certain age who know how lucky you are :0)
Mr Bryn and I were listening to the radio a couple of days ago and I had to cover his ears when I realised the subject being discussed....a woman was explaing the wonders of her dog a labradoodle! Mr Bryn is a senior dog citizen but he always wants to see the latest pictures of Sandy so I didn't want him thinking he could just hop a freighter and greet her with more than a wag of the tail:0)


Wow! You sure have been busy. I miss reading these posts every day. Give daughter bird a big hug for me and tell her I think she is wonderful! Now that poodle princess is just the most adorablest poodle, and now with that sweater. . . how can she get any cuter. [me thinking... what kind of pocketbook or bag do I have so I can put her in and take her home with me hehehe].


Oh, I love that text message tune. Wish I could just drop by for a visit. What I wouldn't give for a day and several cups of tea with you! Our pups would have such fun together. Bud was very envious of PP's beautiful new sweater. Course it's way too hot here now. I guess he'll need one for the winter time though. His mom better get busy!

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