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I'm glad to see your quest was rewarded! Can't wait to see the finished shawl in all its glory. As you know, I'm also a big Alchemy alpaca pure fan.


I shall take it as a personal mission to find some of that Alchemy. Nothing, not even the heat and humidity of a Southern California day, will get in my way. I could call around but I'd rather just drive all over the place. You never know what else you might find.


Yay! Alchemy is a local company, located about 15 minutes from where I live. One of my dear friends works for the company on an occasional basis. It's a very small operation, but their products are indeed lovely! I haven't gotten my hands on any of that "Alpaca Pure" but I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.
SO many yarns, so little time! :)


Oooooooooo, alpaca! Sounds heavenly.


Uh-oh. I see more yarn in my future. I can't resist glowing endorsements of yarn - especially when they sound this yummy!!


I often drive past an Amish farm where there are Alpacas in the pasture. I have been tempted to stop and see if they sell handspun. Lovely lovely soft bits of heaven!


I just remember the look on your face when you got to take that one skein home....

Hang in there, dearest. The humidity will be over soon, given over to beautiful crisp fall nights, and we'll happily snugged in again.

J Strizzy

Mmmm, hand-dyed alpaca...

Now I have a giggle-inducing mental image of the alpacas I saw Sunday, dyed all rainbow colors...


I'm loving that IK shawl as well. I have some blue heatherish alpaca, llama ear-marked for that very project. I'm going to make it full size. The pattern is kind of like the diamond purl I just finished, only rounder and upside downish.

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