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Beautiful! Bellissima! Brava, bella!


Rach sent me that book too, and Anne, so I'm presently at Green Gables, learning what all the admiration is for, so I'll be worthy of your PEI adventure (even if I must travel vicariously). And I found some shawlworthy Soft Kid while stash editing last night . . .


First - I'm in my early thirties and can definitely relate to old lady-dom. I've share lots of granny tendencies with you, including sensible shoes and the vow to shun pantyhose for all my remaining days.

Second - Bruegger's! Are you in Minnesota, or have they expanded? I moved away from Minneapolis six years ago, and Bruegger's is one of the things I miss most. Nobody makes a good bagel out here on the left coast.


First - *waves to Greta* Me too. no freaking pantyhose for me --ever more.

Second -- Hey, Anaxila, don't be claiming Minnesota for Brueggers -- it was started right here in Burlington, Vermont. Nord Brue, the "Brue" in Brueggers, was a lawyer I knew back in the day before he got up to his elbows in bagel dough. (independent wealth helps one turn one's back on one's career, dontcha know) Anyway, they're all over the place now. I'm very surprised if they're not on the west coast too! I like Brueggers, but I'm still partial to a local place, The Burlington Bagel Bakery. I hate it when bagel places go all whitebread on me -- softening them up for the American masses. I don't want a hamburger bun in the shape of a bagel. I want to break my jaws on my bagels, as it should be!


In our email exchanges my daughter and I use LOL to mean Lots o' love. LOL to you today.


I despise pantyhose and avoid them as much as possible. I prefer my Birkenstocks to all other footwear. My OB introduced me to the joys of Birkenstocks when I was first pregnant and my dogs were barking all the time. Oh, thank you for the reminder about that book. I haven't read it yet but have it on my (ever-growing) list. Your recent mention of Anne of Green Gables caused me to stop by Netflix and secure a spot in my queue for it (they dont' have it yet on dvd so I'm waiting). Now I'm popping over to my library site and putting a hold on The Blue Castle. Have a BBBBBBBBBBeautiful day, Greta!


First - I've just finished rereading all of the Anne books (but one, which I can't put my hands on), and the Emily books. I'm sure I've read the Blue Castle back in high school, when my best friend and I had a huge LMM thing going on. I love them.

Second - I know what you mean about sensible shoes. I'm also early thirties, and I wear tennis shoes or sensible sandals all the time.

Third - I know there are at least _some_ Brueggers out West - I've been to them. I've never forgiven them for discontinuing the garlic mayo. (But, its still one of the best things about being back in Minnesota)


Go, Greta!! do you remember the poem (sorry, don't remember who wrote it) that goes something like this, "...and when I get old, I shall wear purple..." myself, I plan on chasing the paperboy down the block in my wheelchair...ain't going quietly into that good night...hee!


I guess I'm a LOL too. But I have to confess that I just adore my sexy slingbacks and will continue to wear them regardless of my barking dogs, because they make the rest of me feel so sexy!


I'm with you. Told everyone to watch out because I'm old enough (over 50) to not care anymore. Fashion..psshaw! Good comfortable shoe...yup! Comfy clothes...yup! Time to suffer the fools no longer...I'll tell ya like it is. Bagels? No one in Utah knows bagels!!! Oy vay!!

The best of B-days and LOL to you!! (In all it's forms).

Joan in Reno

From one LOL to another. Yeah, comfy shoes and clothes. And knitting, reading, LMM and all the rest. At last, Freedom! It ain't so bad, growing old(er).


We Little Old Ladies are also Loony Old Ladies, and proud of it. Shout it out Greta, LOLs ROCK!


I'm Laughing Out Loud, yes I am! ;-)

(Heading to "my mall" tonight for some serious shopping...)


Amen, Sister! No pantyhose ever ever again!

I had to laugh at your post, I've been describing myself as "an eccentric old lady waiting for a place to happen" for ages now.
I wish I could be a "little" old lady, but at 5'10", I doubt that'll ever happen! :)


Way to go, girl! I love going without panty hose too. Now if we could just figure out how to get rid of those tight bras! hee hee hee

J Strizzy

oh, how I miss Brueggers... if there are any on the west coast, I'd love to know where...


Oh the joys of LOLhood...comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes, comfie undies and losing the need to apologize for any of the above. I said goodbye to pantyhose, when I had to say goodbye to my career. I LOVE Jocelyn's Fibers. I have some on the way for the Making Waves sock of the Six Sox knitalong, and I can't wait for it to get here.


Of course you realize that this makes you a Bad-Ass! ;-)

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