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Kitty Lucy

Happy 4-month birthday Sandy! You are gorgeous and adorable, even if you are a doggie!

Meow, baby!


Happy 4-month day, Poodle Princess! What a cutie you are. Have a nice trip and we'll be looking for you. (I need hints of where to look.... this is like Where's Waldo!)


Sandy, I finally talked Mom into clearing a spot for KERSTI. Mom said something really super special is in the works. She is sending me for a power wash. Maybe she is going to knit me a KERSTI blankie. Do you know anything about this? I think I want my own pond too. Love, Kishka

susan in pa

Happy b-day, Sandy! Enjoy every moment of it! It's my baby's birthday today too!


Happy Birthday Sandy! I love your pond....


Happy Birthday my poodle friend!


What a sweety! Aaaaah....


Happy Birthday Sandy!

From Dot (who wants to come play with you!), Sade, Cherise and Teresa


Big squishy hugs for the Poodle Princess on her 4-month birthday! Alice and Bud send greetings too.


Behold the mighty Poodle Princess of the Rainforest! Great photos. Give her a big snuggly hug from me and friendly sniffs and play poses from Diego and Sadie.


Did I officially tell you how much I love that Kersti-soft-sweater? I do.

and that baby girl! Kiss that princess for me...


Dear Sandy, tell your mom to save the pond picture for your jacket photo, for when your first book is published. Or, it would make a splendid album cover, if your talents lie in music. It is appropriately pensive for the mature dog you are turning into. You are adorable. Scout says that for a poodle, you're not bad, and that's the highest praise a cat like him can give anyone outside his species.


What a sweet little doggie!

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