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Puppy Princess is Perfectly Precious in Phoofy Pink. And Sandy, tell mommy that she should be proud to have the courage to take charge of her knitting. Bandit says, "right on!"


You're foofy-licious. Tell Mommy that she did the right thing! Love it or rip it.


Hello Poodle Princess,
You're looking very pretty today!! I am so sorry to comfirm your fears. Your Mommy has lost "it". I saw it with my own eyes Charlotte is GONE!! I know this is hard to believe, the first thing I did this morning was to very carefully take my Charlotte from her special resting bag, (that no one in my house is allowed to touch) just to be sure it wasn't some kind of strange dream. Ya see I was kinda in a fog from counting way too many stitches last night, but I did remember someone had murdered a beautiful Charlotte. Could it have been me, surely not...I am a over protective mother. I could never harm Charlotte. Which brings me to my reason for writting to you Ms Princess...if your mommy ever gets that strange look in her eye and mumbles something about how you might look better in another form, run don't walk to the nearest phone and call me. I will rescue you :).
It was a sad sight to see that beautiful Charlotte go to the pond, not a sight for puppy eyes. Have a great day and watch your back :).


Hey, if it doesn't work! That is so smart to redo if you don't like!

Joan in Reno

That's funny. I just frogged 39 rows of Charlotte because I miscounted somewhere and 39 rows is so near the start that I decided to frog rather than try to fix. And then I started to rethink my color sequence. And *then* my cat chewed on my bamboo circs and I had to run out and buy another one. (I really have to defend my wooden and bamboo needles from that cat; she must think she's a puppy.) See what one simple frogging can lead to?! I hope your frogging experience was not so frought with perils.


You know, Greta, your Princess Sandy and my Prince Sherlock would make a very royal couple. Has Sandy been "fixed"? Maybe one day we could have a blog wedding and the first online blog puppies? Just think of the baby blankets we could knit. Maybe the puppies could only go to knitters who blog... I can dream, can't I?


Vicki, you've got the line of the day:

"Love it or rip it."


Aunt Debbie

Sandy, you look fabulous in your "free dance shawl" Pink is your color. I'm so glad you enjoy wearing it. Love you lots.


I'm still laughing over the word "foofy"....

Did they *really* make you leave the Knitting Meetup? I feel myself going into "protect really amazing people" mode----Am I going to have to march over there and give them the ol' what for?!?


LOL I loved Linda's comment. Noooo LOL Kim she wasn't banished. I was totally shocked because Charlotte to me is sort of a Zen thing to make, not only the process of making it but the colourway also. When you decided to rip I just thought of my peaceful self being RIPPED!!!! I totally understood your explanation - it wasn't ZEN to you.

Love you girl! and the princess looks lovely in pink.


what a funny post! This made me laugh out loud; thanks--it's a regular monday here and this was a day-brightener!

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