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Mary Beth

OK - that was weird. I was just reading about Christmas over at Sandy's. But her's was the QVC version - your's a bit more meaningful - no offense Sandy! Little surprise for ya over at my site. Thanks, thanks, thanks again for what you did for me...


Glad your trip held many treasures and that your return was gifted with this 'happening'. For one who has difficulty normally trying to decide what month, year, day I am in, reading of Christmas really threw me for a while but on re-reading the post it was the ..."The lowly, outcast shepherds, who could have kept the good news to themselves but despite their station, and the fact that they were not welcome to worship in the church of the authority, nor recognized by their government except at tax time, kept the faith and spread the word of unconditional LOVE....changing the world forever." that really hit home to me.

I found the statement very moving and seemed like it could be used to describe too many people, other than shepherds, who are not welcome to 'worship in the church of authority' which didn't seem a great leap of translation to 'the church of GWB' It brought to mind the wondrous site earlier this year of the many gay men and lesbians who kept the faith and 'spoke' up for unconditional love when they stood in line for hours to gain sanction from a renegade wing of 'the church of GWB'.

Maybe we should all see ourselves as shepherds and gain strength from and through unconditional love:0)

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