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Beautiful angels!

Can you believe it about the tax form? Unfortunately....YES! *sigh*

Falling leaves at Rhinebeck....another sigh....the timing of the festival is absolutely perfect, isn't it?

ROCK on, sistah! :)


You are, of course, most welcome.

Sounds like you are making the daily magic we've come to expect from you. Rocks, bossing around your knitting, and preparing Daughter Bird for her flight from the nest.

And the tax forms...don't let the muggles get you down, G!

Sending prayers and love!


Now that you have your package, I'll post a picture of the exact place from which I got the rock. Go see. I'm so glad you liked it! XOXO


I've frogged Charlotte four times so far and I'm getting ready to do it AGAIN! For me it's not being able to get a feel for the pattern yet - but I WILL get there. Hey- I'm not handling the HS thing let alone the thought of dorm rooms yet! Still, it is an exciting time - is it not?


What a marvelous package! Lucky girl. You must feel like I did when MonkeyBee arrived at my door.

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