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susan in pa

Awwwwhhhhh...I just want to rub her tummy! Hope the day goes well for you both.


Oh what an ADORABLE pic!
We'll definitely need some "after" pics of Miss Sandy's beauty parlor treatment!


Now that is comfort! Be sure to show the "after" photos - Sandy is such a cutie.


You are too funny! Look forward to seeing Miss Sandy after a day at the 'spa' :) I'm so glad you two found each other..


Ally had her day at the spa on Saturday. Can't wait to see Sandy's new doo.


I can't wait until you take a picture of her NEXT year on the same pillow. Great before and after. And she'll be just as lovable.....
like you!
hope doc goes well, for both of you....


I hope both appts. go well for you and Sandy. She is so cute. :) Will there be a bow or bandana?

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