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Yea, another Charlotte! I started mine over the weekend and am about to add the second color (which only happens at row 27/55 st). I want Kersti so bad, too, but I must resist, for now. Good luck with the List, Love.


There's a colorway of Kersti that I must. have. But Must. Have. Job. First.

How cool that the pond lilies bloomed this weekend! That was most definitely a SIGN.


You're so right about PIR. I used to live in Portland, and went to the race twice. It's kind of hard to watch - I start whimpering (I needed to move home, but I did love Portland.)

Am I correct in assuming your brother is Jan? He's so good at what he does. Frankly, he was the ONLY reason I watched Global's (Canadian TV network) hideous coverage of the Canadian races last year.


Oh my dearest Greta, my angel came today! I just love her. She will watch over my recovery and oversee each prayer shawl. Thank you my wonderful, thoughtful friend. What a joy you are in my life.

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