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The garden looks beautiful. And feel better.


OY! Please don't wait to long to get checked. I hope you have cheerful band-aids.


Oh Greta please do be careful. If there is anything I can do let me know. It'll be the gimp helping the amputee hehehe that should be fun.


Would you consider giving yourself stitches if the injury wasn't on your finger?

I'm intrigued and a little alarmed.


Ow. At least you can still knit!

I just sliced a layer of skin off a bit of my left forefinger...which is a problem for this Continental style knitter.


Ow. Ow. Ow.



Ooh! Oohh! Self-stitching? You are brave, Danger Girl! Sending along prayers of healing and lots o'love. xxoo

P.S. Your garden is beautiful!

P.P.S. I had to enter some text from an image in order to post this comment---do you have some spamblocker stuff installed?


So, was giving us a picture containing spiked fence supposed to make us feel easier about sliced finger and not impaled hands :0)
Have to say that masking tape really works well from personal experience...managed to hit a chisel with mallet without my eyes on the piece of sculpture or chisel and sculpted a finger right down to the bone; the scar is very neat but it did throb a bit for a while.
How nearly was nearly?...hanging on by skin not good, hanging there with bone better, hanging there held together firmly with antibacterial powder spread liberally good. Hope your near the good.


Greta, be careful. That sounds painful. I snipped the 3rd finger of my left hand last night with a pair of scissors cutting some yarn. It was just a little snip and I can still knit too! Get yours seen after soon and keep us updated. Hope it mends soon.


stitches? If you truly need stitches you should be seen right away-generally speaking doctors won't suture if an injury is less than fresh because there is too great a risk for infection.
I am an ICU nurse by trade and have seen some awful infections...when was your last tetnus shot too? You probably should get it checked out if there is any question about stitches or if it has been more than a few years since the tetnus shot.
As a knitter I just have to say-Owww!
The bamboo is beautiful and your garden looks so peaceful.


I hope you're up to date on your tetanus shot m'dear! I'd be the type to consider stitching myself up as well. Hee!
I do hope that you are feeling better soon!


OUCH!!! Get the proper medical care now rather than later...

Love your garden. Does the bamboo weather well over the winter? Have some inside I would love to put outside..


Yikes! Hope your wounded digit heals up really quickly.


Oh, I'd like to be hanging out in your garden right now! I'd even bring some rocks.

Sending good finger wishes!

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