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I love your yarn. It's so pretty! A few months ago I learned to knit a top down baby raglan sweater. It came out so cute. Is your raglan an adult size? It so, would you be willing to share where you got it? I will post pictures soon on my blog of the baby raglans that I knitted. They came out really cute. I would be happy to share the sweater pattern since it is not a commercial pattern. It's one that a member of my knitting guild created.


Oooh, the Kersti is calling to me. MUST RESIST....!

The International Rock Relocation Program? What a hoot. Oooh, when I was first married, we were quite the Northwest Rock Thieves. Came home with a pickup load of gorgeous river rock once from Idaho City, and picked up a few precious moonrocks from the Craters of the Moon National Park in eastern Idaho. But your ideas for rocks are great----now my wheels are turning. You're a bad influence, my dear....hahahaa!


Raglan pattern is here:
Rachael made one, so of course I have to have one, too!


Dang, that's some delish Kersti, m'dear! Not sure how much longer I can resist its call. And of course I can't wait for you to start Charlotting eith me. Can we play rock poetry by the pool one day? It's even more appealing than the fridge version ~


I love the rock story, Greta. I imagine you walking, spying a rock, testing its heft in your hand, slipping it quietly into your pocket. It's the perfect image, really.


Greta - I can't believe how much we are alike. I too like rocks, I think it has something to do with archaeology in my bones (Yup have a BA in that one along with History).

Oooooh I think I see a spending spree coming up for Kersti. You will definitely have to bring it so I can see it up close and personal.


You gotta send a picture of your swatch! It must go on the Kersti page. That color is just 'to live for'!


ENFP, too, and proud. But I don't like rocks unless they come in gold or silver settings!


Isn't Kersti wonderful! I'm almost finished with a baby blanket from it, and have my yarn for the Raglan. And another sweater's worth of Kersti just waiting for inspiration. Its wonderful, additictive, amazing yarn.


I love the Rock Relocation Program name. I must be a member, I just never realized it. I pick up rocks from anywhere, and often have some especially friendly ones in my pockets too.


I LOVE the rock poetry game! I want to remember it and do it with my own kids someday (or at least with my nieces, or whatever)!!! I'll always reserve two rocks for my own words -- Danger and Girl -- and then I'll explain why.


Add me to the Rock Relocation Program membership roll. I have bowls of rocks all over the house. They remind me of the beautiful places we visited. Never thought about conversing with them, however (hee hee).


i love how different the two substances are, the fiber and the rock, and how similar at the same time.

You, m'dear, are FABULOUS. No doubt 'bout it. Mwah.

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