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Hi Sandy,
This is Kishka. My Mom doesn't know I'm on-line. I really like your new clip. I'm not sure why they put that baby powder on us...drives me in circles too. Talk to soon. I hear her coming. Love you :)

susan in pa

She looks darling with her fresh look! Great idea do your own frames. Take control! :)


OK, see, NOW she looks like a poodle! I do kinda like the shaggy butch look better, though. :)


I love baby's first haircut pictures! Why are poodles so cute anyway? And good on you for being good to yourself.


Oh, we really MUST see more Greta paintings. I think I need one in my life.


OMG I didn't think she could get any cuter. I just want to eat her up.


OMG I didn't think she could get any cuter. I just want to eat her up.


You're welcome my dear, just remember the power in them there tools is all in YOUR hands...keep counting those fingers:0)
Maybe Princess-Cape-Crusader could wear a cool neckerchief to mop mommy's brow after she's been playing hide and chase games. As a member of the shave and cut brigade myself I know she'll feel more comfortable with her new style but I am with her in drawing the line at baby powder.
Glad your Big Girls check up was ok. Did you get baby powdered too!


A perfectly primped little poodle princess... although I must say, I too like the wild woman shaggy look. Either way, it seems that it is physically impossible for her not to be cute. Glad everything went well!


So glad to hear about your check-up, not to mention the potential mitre saw. How cool is that?! Hope you love the current project's framing at first sight. We'll stay tuned!


Still cute, despite the baby powder. But I'm with those who like the floppy moppy look better. Watch your fingers with those power tools! Frame on.


Well she sure looks like a little Princess now :)


Sandy looks darling! Definitely less sheep-like since her haircut though. I just can't picture the pink bow, she's definitely more of a cape kinda girl!
Glad your appointment went well.

Power tools sound FUN! *insert wicked laugh here*


WOW she looks so much cuter ( not that she was not adorable before!) i could not see her wearing a pink bow and i am not surprised that it lasted 2 nanoseconds! bennett has not yet got a cape but he will eventually have one i will have to make the neck larger to fit him! as well as i would like to make the socks before i make the cape, so that will get done eventuallY, very cute pup she is and the baby powder smell will go away soon enough once she has rolled in the dirt a few times :)


Now, I could be wrong, but I can see a little bit of a miffed expression there. Oh, the humanity! :)
and I can't stop giggling about the comment from Bethany, perfectly primped poodle princess! ~snort~ heehee!

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