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I had to laugh! Hope your finger is much better and there weren't too many ouchies at the doctor.

sarah b.

You are TOO funny! Hope your finger is better soon!


LOL!! Hope your finger is ok and heals fast! If you are anything like me you NEED them both!


Hope your finger gets better soon.


Blowing a cyber kiss your way for the finger boo-boo. MMmm-Wah!

Take care of yourself!

Mary Beth

Sorry about the injury. Only a knitter can appreciate how disabled you must feel! LOVE your Kersti - thanks for sharing about the addi's vs. the bamboo. I started with addi's and am OK with it, but now you've got me wondering!


So sorry to hear about your finger. Take care of yourself and put the mattress on the floor!


Awww - heal quickly dear one!


I am too busy squirming from sympathetic pain to say I told you so! Heal! Heal!!!

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