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Greta, Please take care of that finger. You know you need it for knitting. If you need anything just holler. Can't wait for the pics. tomorrow.


Oh dear, that's nothing to fool with. Hope it heals quickly and you are back in the pink again. At least you can knit..how horrid would that be!?


Bummer. Hope you are back at the needles (non-finger stitching kind) soon.


Ouch! Sending you loads of love and big hugs for a quick recovery.


I'm not gonna say it--nope, not gonna....say....it....

Do what needs to be done with that finger there, Danger Girl. Please! xxoo


Thanks for the good wishes. Love the sweater! I want to try one of those knit-in-the-round-top-down sweaters one of these days.

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