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debbie klement

Hmmmm...perhpas you could call it the Rainbow Bounce....
Huge News....I wait with baited breath (what ever that means but it sounds cool).

My little Duck is off to her Acedemic Orientation today...she and the Dad person left at 6:45 this morning ...over an hours drive to spend all day in London before heading back home.
She gets to pick her electives, decide if she is doing a double degree (major in Kineisiology and minor in something else), set up her timetable, sort out her student assistance money, chat with the counselor about the new students club, tour campus etc., etc.
At least London Ontario is civilized....they are one of the few cities in Canada to have a Krispy Kreme our home city doesn't :-(
MMmmmmm...doughnuts tonight!



I don't have a clue what you could call the sweater. I understand the enjoyment factor in knitting. I have two projects on the needles that I LOVE because of the yarn (Noro Kochoran and Koigu PPM).

The Magic Loop for socks and small circular knitting ROCKS! I tried socks once with DPNs and then my mum bought a little book on Magic Loop and I haven't looked back. I've done pleanty of socks and now that I think about it, I should start another. Your broadripple were bea-u-te-ful.

I can't wait to hear the exciting news.


The sweater loks gorgeous. It reminds me of the colours of the Monet with the waterlilies, maybe Monet would be a good name?


Oh I have to agree with Ali - Monet. Once you get it down you'll have to give me a tutorial. Right now I'm finishing hubby's socks and also working on a pair of Broadripple, they are fun. Okay I can't wait for a week to hear the news I'm calling you hehehe.


Yep; Rach should too! And I just want to squeeze that picture!


Gorgeous sweater! Don't you just LOVE it when you get to put the sleeve stitches aside for a bit and the whole mushroom-y thing finally starts looking like a garment!

I'm awful with names, so I'll stand aside for that and see what creative suggestions others have for you!

Big News, eh??
I'll stay tuned! Same Danger Girl time, same Danger Girl channel!


Argh! Having trouble posting comments on typepad today. I love the idea of calling this sweater Monet. Then again, I'm completely biased. Can't wait to hear the BIG NEWS. Cooking up a bit of big news myself.


We're all ears! LOVE the sweater. Monet is a cool name..my first thought was Sky Blue Pink. It has the look of a sunset.


I'm on the Monet train, I think you should call it Waterlilies. It's sooooo purty!

Big news, big news...can't wait to hear it.


I like Monet or water lilly. The colors are beautiful.

My first socks were knit using the Magic Loop method. Call if you have questions. Easy peasy once you get the idea behind. Which should be no problem for you.

Big news??? I can't wait!


Nope, don't see Monet. I see Flowers in a Blender.



Y'know, "Flower Blender" has more of a "Danger Girl" feel to it!

I'm with Claudia.


Atlantis Calling - you must be able to see the island swirling into view and the two surfers travelling towards a temple archway rather than the beach there a moment ago....o.k I should be well asleep at this time but its there you know :0)
It's only miraculous when divine intervention is the need because of the magnitude of lack; with faith like yours my friend a talent is fed and watered mightily and no matter how HUGE the news it'll only match the receivers offering of gifts.


I think it's sunrise reflection. Beautiful colors.


What a beautiful colorway---like a jar full of brightly colored jelly beans.

You got the spend the afternoon with Maggi? Lucky! Both of you! :)

I've tried the Magic Loop, and more power to those of you who can master it---but me, I'm a DPN girl all the way. That's right. Easy. And cheap. ;)

susan in pa

That is so pretty knitted up! The only new name I can think of that seems to fit is "Prism" or some variation on that...


I think you have gotten some good names for the sweater, which is beautiful. I am resisting (just barely) buying some kersti. I can't wait to hear your big news. You know if I can do magic loop method or socks on 2 circs ANYBODY can. Like anything else, it gets its own rhythm after the first 2 or 3 awkward rows. I find most knitters who love using dpns don't care for the circular needle(s) method. Those of us who aren't so fond of dpns jump on the single magic loop method or knitting circularly with two circs.


The sweater looks like a Spring morning to me. I love it! And news? Can't wait!! Anything Good and Exciting is wonderful!


Koigu has an actual colourway they call Monet--it's 436 (add the P or K or F for whatever fiber they're using).



I think you should call this sweater : Miracle At Dawn. It is beautiful and the miracle is you have knitted your way threw scary times and happy times.

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