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Ahh, but do you share the wine or have a mighty fine time? :D We learned the song slightly differently in my 6th grade music appreciation class... Fabulous pond, by the way!


Oh, your pond is heavenly! Looks like a perfect place to knit and relax.

I can't believe you are already being asked to limit usage. It's not even June! Remember last summer I think there were only 4-5 days where the temp was over 90F. We've had 90 temp for weeks now. Yikes!


We wilt.


Set a place at the table. I am so on my way over there to sit and knit outside with you.

Oh, how I wish!


"I never understood a single word he said
but I helped him drinkin his wine..."


"sing now......"
I loved 3 dog night back in the 70s!
Hubby has plans to build us a pond, I didn't see the knitting connection til now though, thanks!


The sound of trickling water is so calming, isn't it?
My little half barrel pond has one of those bamboo water spouts for a fountain. The glider swing nearby has become my favorite place to knit as of late. Something about the swing motion and the fountain noise and the repetition of knitting is soooo centering.
Your pond is fabulous!

Oh and I'm on my way today to pick up my ordered copy of "Middlemarch" from the library! Yippee!

susan in pa

Ahh...your pond looks lovely.

"...joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me..."


Jeremiah was a bullfrog was a good friend of mine....

Love to have my fun.

And it sure would be lots of fun to sit by that lovely pond and knit the afternoon away.

You enjoy girl, you deserve it.


Oh wow!!!!!!! The pond looks great. Have fun knitting.


Ooooh! That pond is gorgeous! If you tell me that's your backyard, I'm just going to have to go into fits of envy!

Just found your blog today......enjoyed it immensely.


I love your pond! (I have one too) Your waterfall is wonderful...wish I had seen it before I did mine!

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