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Happy Birthday. btw, both girls are beautiful. Great photo!


I almost cried when I saw how happy the girls are in this picture. Silly me!

I'm so glad the Wee one had a great birthday and that you and Daughter Bird were there to share it!


Oh my goodness! I didn't know you had yet another excursion planned. Was this a surprise for the Wee C?
Sounds like a wonderful visit. Glad you had fun.


I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Look at those matching grins! Oh, happy day.


What a wonderful pic. A thousand words I tell ya. Just gorgeous.

Mmmmm Magnolia's I love their scent. Oh my Gardenia has tons of buds, :::jumping up and down in my seat::: I can't wait for them to bloom.


What a great pic! What a great day you must have had. Big hugs to you.

susan in pa

How adorable! You must frame that photo!


Absolutely precious, those girls!! You and Maggi are doing a fantabulous job. xxoo

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