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Greta, she's so cute, congrats on the new addition to your family. My eyes watered as I read your post!


When you said there would be a new puppy, you MEANT it! WOW!

She's adorable!



She's a cutie!


She's lovely! Tasha is smiling down at you all...


What a little cutie!! Some things are just meant to be, and clearly Sandra Dee Fluffball was waiting just for you. Congratulations on your new friend.

debbie klement

Damn....you got me crying now Greta ! But it is true about getting a puppy right away ...may not fill the hole in the heart entirely but puppies do grow and completely fill it in short order !

She is a doll !



Oh, she is a doll! I love the baby pictures...especially the one of her in a bowl. I'm so happy that the two of you found each other.

Therapy dog? How sweet is that?


What a melt-your-heart cutie! It sounds like love at first sight, and a perfect match. Congratulations to you.


Welcome Sandra Dee. Grow well and fuzzy!


Welcome, Sandra Dee. You could not be any cuter, and I know you'll never want for love.


She is so cute! And I am so happy that you found each other.


Omigosh! How soon can we come meet her? And does she have litter mates? I am so happy your heart-hole's been filled ~


Oh dearest! I've not had access to a computer, so I've been uninformed. I am here on Cape Cod amongst the raindrops and the lilacs and missing reading all my favorite blogs. Welcome, Miss Sandra Dee indeed. Love, love, love to you all.


Sandra Dee is beautiful. What breed is she? She looks like she has some poodle. Daughter bird is the sweetest. I hope boy bird loves her just as well. Take care.

Joan in Reno

How could Boy Bird not love her? And life without pets is no life, grief and all! Loosing a beloved pet is awful, but the years of happiness and love more than make up for the months of grief. Love to you and Sandy.


Dear Sandra,
Please excuse your new mom for crying all over you...she is delighted with you.

Biscuits and hugs for all!


Somethings are just meant to be! Tasha must have been looking down orchestrating this all, smiling a big doggy smile when Sandra Dee hooked you. Congrats on the new addition!


I am so, so sorry about Tasha. I sometimes look at Deedle and wonder what I'm going to do when she goes! Sandra Dee looks like she is going to bring you MUCH laughter (and she gives a new definition to "playing with your food" in that photo").


I hope little Sandra Dee F. helps you remember Tasha with smiles instead of tears. Big sloppery puppy kisses to both of you.

susan in pa

Oh, Greta, I am so glad about Sandy. She's adorable!


My heart goes out to you as you grieve for Tasha. WHat type of dog? Poodle? Pig Dog would be in love if he saw her. WHen we meet you will have to bring her. Sandra Dee, great name after one of my all time mindless favorite movies!!! Must send Greta Greese movie for Sandy! LOL

Are the kids handling Tashas' passing ok? Do yall need anything? If so email or call.


Look! It's Caroline! Right? 'Cause when she was a little tiny baby she was a sheep -- and what you've got here is obviously a little tiny baby sheep!

I was at first thinking "Poodle," but now I've definitely decided "Sheep."

Congrats on the new addition, Greta; she looks like a wonderful baby to have!


Looks to me like Sandra Dee is the perfect sized therapy dog - because she is just what you need! I know my heart is a little lighter today after seeing that sweet ball of fluff.


She's wonderful, Greta.... she looks just like my parent's dog did.... he was half-poodle...

Loose Ends Melissa



I was so sorry to hear about Tasha, but so glad to hear about Sandy! Your daughter's comment was lovely. Sandy's eyes tell me you and she will have wonderful years together.


I didn't cry when you sent me the photos, but upon reading this I did. Kiss her AGAIN for me, please. Bless her heart, and yours.


I'm so sorry about Tasha. Sandra Dee seems like just the therapy you need right now.


Congratulations new Mama! So sorry to read about your late dog yesterday and SO glad you did what you did today. Nothing like falling in love to ease some of the pain.. Such a cutie!


That is the cutest puppy ever.


Well, Greta, you had me crying at the story of Tasha. Now you have me crying at the welcome of dear sandy! She is adorable and just the cure for a broken heart! What a sweet face!
And.....(I can't resist, you know) you named her after me. Well. Fancy that! haha!


Greta, I think we're ALL crying! I love your new little furry angel!


we are all crying! sadness & joy all mixed together best wishes for your new addition, dog/lamb she's perfection!


AWWWWWWWWWW! Fuzzzy wuzzzy puppy love! OH! I want to hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him and call him George! :)


Sandy looks JUST dandy. Definitely a cutie patootie.


Dear Greta,
I'm so glad to know you have a ball of puppy fur to cry in and laugh with while you mourn Tasha. Best wishes to you and the bird-children. And don't forget to get the puppy up to speed on baseball ASAP.
thanks for sharing so much with your faithful readers.

J Strizzy

Maybe she's too small for their regular sort of therapy, but she's clearly just right for Greta-therapy! And a dog that gives new meaning to "sheepdog" is perfect for you. I'm glad you found such an adorable way to help heal your heart.


Oh, couldn't be cuter! Looks like she has some bichon frise in her. I have a bichon named Vincent. He reminds me, too, of a sheep -- or often a bunny! How could a dog be all those things? Congratulations on the new baby!


Beautiful. Beautiful story. Beautiful dogs. Tasha is with Ike and Pokey now, in dogheaven, telling stories about her humans.


Doors close and windows open. Tasha will never leave your heart, but she has brought Sandra Dee into it. Out of loss grows more love. It's a good way to say goodbye.


We went out and got a dog after our last one died. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. Your lost pal isn't replaced but another is there to distract you from the pain and to bring some laughter and fun back into your life. Our vet said getting another dog quickly was a great way to commemorate the life of the dog just lost. What a darling little thing and just love her name!

Bonne Marie

Oh Greta - my heart just melts for you - RIP lovely Tasha!

Thank you for sharing your new found joy with Little Fluff S.D.

So precious and wonderful - my she make your heart SING!


My husband and I share your thoughts. Our lives have been blessed with three new rescues. Our hearts were also ripped a part in the last two years with the sudden deaths of the two best companions ever.


Sure looks like a poodle to me! Cream or possibly a light apricot I'm guessing. I love them, I grew up with a houseful, they are smart and sure they're people. She's for sure Mostly Poodle if not all, and I love the name! I'm so sorry about Tasha. I lost my dogchild several years ago and I still miss my dear Baileydog but Murphy is a fine family member - not a substitute for the other dogchild, because you can't replace a dog you lost, but a new love is good. "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee...." Precious!


I'm so glad that you and the wee one found each other! Sometimes it's just meant to happen that way. We were adopted by our youngest cat when another recently adopted kitty died suddenly - the new kitten had been abandoned at our vet's. At first I thought it was too soon for me, but as soon as I saw him, I just melted. Many, many years of joy and love together!


Oh, I'm sorry about Tasha, what a beautiful face. My condolences.

Sandra Dee is indeed a gorgeous little sheepy doggy. A new friend when you need one, perfect.


Good work, honey.

Glad the puppy's got a home.

Glad you've got a puppy.

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