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Sounds like a good plan. Daughter Bird is gonna be way better preparred than even I ever was for college. Sorry I can't help with the budget part but I haven't learned that skill in 30+ years! Have a fab weekend. Chat later



Wow sounds like that therapist is awesome. DB is going to do great.

I love that lily.

Storm! what storm? we didn't have a storm here. Glad you and the garden survived it.


Get Daughter Bird her own hammer, nails (picture hanging kit maybe) and screwdrivers / drill for college. They were some of the most used tools I took with me, borrowed by other students and parents on the moving in day. And they made a good way of meeting other people too.

I think there will have to be some pizza ordering practace at your house this summer. Oh poor you. Pizza ordered and delt with by somene else. :-) Maybe you could extend it to other food ordering practace. Do you have a Dine One One sort of delivery service there?

You and Danger Girl can get your own planner and start making your own resource guide. All the important blogs, email addresses, phone numbers, and yarn shops to go to when you need to be distracted from your nest.

lots of good thoughts & love,


I agree with Melissa. That's waaaaay more preparation than I had for college. It's going to be fabulous for her. I can just *feel* her blossoming. What a cool kid. What a cool mom.

debbie klement

Just keep taking deep breaths and let them out slowly...don't hyper ventilate ;-)
It sounds like you have a good plan in place already...unfortunately there are no resource guides for the parents.
I think the therapist is right...she will be awesome, she knows where to go for help (you and any student support resources you've found for her).
My little duck has informed me that she intends to do a masters degree in sports medicine ( not med school but a branch of kineisiology) after her BA Kineisiology...I just worry she will saddle herself with tens of thousands of $$$ in student debt...and education that comes mortgaged .
I'm getting over a sever cold complete with ;lugged up ears...gotta run and light a candle to the Goddess of Bursaries and Scholarships..
Don't worry too much, I'm sure she'll be fine.


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