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Every time, though, you're gaining practice. Someday you'll smile, say, "Here's my card," and then head for ice cream. That day is very very close, might I add.

Proud of you!

(And I have to say that placed on the table like that, Fiona looks like a great big pair of underpants at first glance. Hee.)


I almost didn't post this picture because I thought the same thing...ROFL.


I'm with Rachael. I thought you had knitted a big pair of soakers! Greta dear, you need to have someone handle your art for commerce (a gallery or a trusted individual). It's not at all uncommon for an artist to become "intertwined" with their art making it difficult to discuss, here it critiqued or part with it when a buyer arrives. After all, true art is a part of the soul of the maker - that's what makes it so special.


If you figure out how to let your art go to strangers, let me know. I have two big photos framed with museum glass and double matting that I can't bring myself to part with - despite the fact that they can't fit on any of my walls, and the amount of $$ I have invested in them. But how thrilling for your work to be so admired. You certainly must start handing out business cards (easy to make on the 'puter.)


I'm sitting here laughing my BUTT off because the very first thing that came to mind when I saw Fiona was "Underpants! Why...why did Greta knit blue undies? I'm sure there must be a rea...oh." And I see I am not alone. Hoo boy, that's funny.

OK, now. Greta. Is the shyness around Commerce out of a need to be protective of what you create? I can understand that--but wow, I do hope Rach is right about the day you hand out cards being nigh. If it helps, last night I went in to get cat food and, as I was wearing the strappy tank, told the pet store owner (with whom I have had a previous conversation about knitting & crocheting), "Check out what I just finished!" First time I've been bold about it like that. Felt pretty good, I gotta say.


Okay, I'm a week late and 10 bucks short. Geesh, where has my life gone? I'm actually kind of addicted to I-cords. My inner PDD child (I have more tendencies than I will outwardly admit to)fantacizes knitting the never ending I-cord, using up every ounce of my stash. I think it's a freudian poop thing. Thanks for the candy and the mother's day card!


It does look like a big pair of purple knickers. :) I thought your response to the sales person was perfect! Enjoy the potluck tonight. I hope you and the kids have a great night.


Yes, but such an attractive pair of knickers! Eww... imagining warm fuzzy knitted knickers now. That would really not be comfy.

Getting someone else to deal with it sounds good, or maybe you could play games with people. Forget they have money and may buy, and just think of them as fellow artists. Easier said than done, I know. I don't know if it helps, but just talking to you about your art made me want to buy one (but don't you dare think of me as Commerce!).


I'm sure it will get easier with time :) Also, it must have made you feel great to have your work complimented. Even if it was by someone in head-to-toe black silk!


Maybe I missed it in a previous post, but I would love to see the piece you're giving to your brother. Any chance you might post it (again?)?

By the way, I loved the garden shots you've posted lately. Isn't Spring wonderful...

J Strizzy

I understand the reluctance to talk with him. I can't explain why, but I would probably react similarly. But oh, I'm so happy for you that your work was received like that!!

And I thought Fiona was a diaper cover, since it has a completely different shape laid out flat like that than in the other photos I've seen. I kept reading, not realizing it was Fiona, thinking even into the next paragraph that you'd explain eventually why you made a diaper cover, but then you started in on Commerce and I knew I must have missed something. Picture palm hitting forehead here.

susan in pa

I like i-cord knitting too! The straps for the tank I just finished for my daughter was i-cord, and I was sorry it didn't take longer! I didn't realize you painted too! I took lessons long ago in high school but stopped painting for some reason I no longer can recall. I love the smell of oil paints and often look over the tubes at the craft store just imagining. My girls have a lovely audio taped story of an oil painter called "Auntie Blue" and every time I hear it, I want to paint!


You could market the undies with the tag-line "Is that a cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" ;)

How is it that we are so capable in some situations, yet trembling in others? It's got to be horribly difficult to listen to comments made by the We-Don't-Wear-No-Overalls crowd. Ugh. Give me folks in overalls and running shoes any day. Sending prayers your direction!

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