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Nope, try as I might (and I'm trying HARD), I can't see the underpants in Fiona's latest incarnation.

Hee. It's beautiful--love the colors, love the button. The Potluck sounds just fantastic--no wonder you were inspired!


Ms. Fiona is beautiful! And what a wonderful evening you had. Somehow I missed seeing the "daughters" photo yesterday - what a pair of sweeties.


Fiona is lovely. I adore that color combination! (and the finished product doesn't look like granny-panties at all! hee!)

I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful time at the potluck! I must also echo Jane's comment about the daughter photos a few posts back. Beautiful!!


Oh, my dear, your stories are such a wonderful way to wake up each morning. I feel so proud of your little flock, almost as if they were an extension of my own family. I'm so proud of you too!

Fiona looks fantastic. I have so much knitting on my plate right now. I'd join the knit-along if I had any prayer of getting it done in the next decade. xoxoxox


Fiona is beautiful! (MMMM... purple)


I can just see him, singing, and DBird's content smile, to hear the song.... Good mama, you. GREAT mama, you.

susan in pa

Kudos on your finished Fiona! What a lovely evening you all had at the potluck!


Incredible. What a wonderful night. Inspiring more than I can possibly say...Thanks for sharing that magical night. Basketball in slow motion. :)


Wow! Sounds like it was an awesome and proud time.

I just love Fiona.

Loose Ends Melissa

Great colors. Great Mother.


Fiona looks FAB, Greta! Thanks for trying the pattern... now I'll have to do one in the purple colorway! xoxo


Sounds like you're reaping what you've sown, dear girl. You deserve it. :)

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