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I rather like the black frame on the one on the left. But I do think it is a little too close to the image. I don't like the lighter color outside the black. Too bad I can't see it with the brown so I could make a more valid judgment.


I'm sorry but I think the black is too stark. I've had good service from Fast Frame. Do you have those is your area? I did my own floating frames when I was still painting. But I did more or less plan it ahead, not as part of the piece, but I knew how I was going to frame the painting so I made sure I could physically attach the frame. Never grew my own trees though.


I thinking learning to frame is a great idea. I think it can be very rewarding to frame ones own work. And I have friends who have done just that and been very satisfied. Another plus, any errors are your own.

As far as what you have framed, I like them both. I prefer the one on the left with the dark frame only but I do like the right one as well, I think the outer, lighter frame accentuates the really beautiful steely blue/gray color in the painting.


Yes of course it matters. However, as someone completely outside the process, here's what I think: everyone will have their own opinion. If you opt to sell these, someoen who thinks the black is just perfect will buy them, even if it isn't how you meant it to be. I don't think they are ruined.

I also think you'll be happiest if you do learn to do framing yourself, although you might not want to do that for all things you have framed.

Will you give your brother the choice of what he'd like - one framed not as you want it, or a future one framed as it should be?


Your work is wonderful, but I can feel your frustration in not seeing what you know the pieces should look like. I think both frames create a different way of experiencing the paintings. My first impression was that I liked the black one better, even though it does crowd the painting. The light frame creates a "modernistic" feel. And, of course, it's right that the buyer will determine if the paintings are framed to their liking or not, but you also have to please yourself. If it was me, I'd grow the trees - but it's easier to learn to frame. Go for it!


Yes, it matters; yes, more float; yes, brown. Yes, it exists. I can also see it/them framed in welded steel with a copper finish, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, and *I* can't even find the manufacturer I'm thinking of...

Is there perhaps an option farther from home but not as far as NY?


It definately matters. Just look at the difference in the 2 pictures and you can easily see what difference it makes. Presentation is SO much of the impression of a piece of art. I agree with everyone above - the black is too much. While I like bringing out the blue in the frame on the right, I think that style of frame doesn't match the art inside - the single frame on the right (even though its too dark) you can still pass by as just the frame and concentrate on the art. Its a good supporting note without being overwhelming. The double frame on the right tries to add some harmony - but in a different style. I think the strong parallel lines of the frame fight with the flowing lines of the piece. If you have to pick one now, pick the black one.

susan in pa

Don't settle. Go with your vision. Trust yourself.


Many have already said what I was going to say. First, of course it matters. Would you do all the knitting beautifully for a pink sweater and then seam it up with twine? (If, that is, you didn't WANT to seam it with twine.) Hold out for the frame you want, Greta. Just promise that the perfect frame will come -- it'll be worth the wait.

By the way, I'm sure I'm not the only one who always types "Great" when I mean to type your name. Easy mistake! :)

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