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Greta, I've spent a bit of time at Laguna Seca myself. My ex is a big car nut. We'd go down for the Vintage Races in August and perhaps to a CART event. I love standing at the bottom of the corkscrew. The adrenaline rush! And I was only watching.

I love seeing the little Greta standing so still *listening*. Makes me smile and want to hold her hand. Just because.


That sock is gorgeous! Is that Fixation that you're knitting with?
I'm all about the sock knitting lately and I'm going to start some broadripples (on your recommendation!) as soon as I'm done with the ones I have on the needles.


PF Flyers? You had PF Flyers?? My mom, frugal woman that she was, just couldn't bring herself to buy the brand name. I also lusted after Red Ball Jets, and she thought she could trick me by coloring a red ball on the back of cheap white sneakers. I-was-not-fooled! Don't know much about racing, but I think you learned a lot more about life than cars at that track. Good for you. (And I still want some PF Flyers!)


My godmother lives across the street from Laguna Seca- We would do the horseshows at Pebble Beach and stay with her. You could hear the track- and the pitches of the engines. Every once in a while, we would go watch a race. Now my husband and his friend are into the POC racing- and we are back at our old friend. My dad weaned me on the air races in Reno. I loved (still LOVE) the sound of a P51- such a sweet sound, like music...and they have the mechanic mystics too!


Strip that sentence a little and leave just this: imagining [your] art is real work. Isn't that a nifty trick? 'Cause imagining is real work. Yay.

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