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So glad that the show went so well. Many of the things you write about hit home on so many levels. You put into words many of the emmotions, that I could not begin to express into words for fear they might come true (or that they might not). You know how that is. I too cannot wait til your book is out. It's already on my to read list. Maybe we can try & meet at MS&W next weekend. LMK



Incredible day Greta. I hope you are able to relax and absorb it all today--slowly. And a new friend down the block. She sounds cool. Yea!


it sounds wonderful!!! isn't it funny how the things we do touch people in ways we may never know, unless we put ourselves out there.


I'm so glad you did it. I believe that people really want to help and encourage others who are trying to achieve something. (If that makes sense). I know I was rooting for you.


We never know the many ways we can touch another person's life, and others rarely know how they impact us. It's wonderful that you could get a glimpse into that mutual process. AND have sales to rack up in addition. Congrats on a great day.


Greta, sweet. What a remarkable day on your journey. Praise and pride for all you are and do. And so much love.


The strength inside you is a joy to behold. Really.


Greta, the story of your wonderful day just brought tears to my eyes. What a glorious experience for you. Congratulations on everything.


God bless you!


Sounds like an amazing day, Greta! Your daughter hit the nail on the head: you rock!


Ah, wonderful! Sounds like a lovely gathering.


Wow! Have a light-filled afterglow day!


Not Michelle -- it's actually Rachael writing -- just had to say, again, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU. I had to read about your day..... You are an artist. And soon I'll hug you! xoxx


Greta - so glad to hear the show went well!

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