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Ah why was I not surprised when I actually saw this tryptic it glows and transforms just like the artist who created it :0) That it is evident that not only is skill apparent but much more importantly as far as I'm concerened is the absolute certainly when I look at this piece that it has come from a deep inner, visionary and spiritual source.

Keep tappinfg into that source Greta, the images that well up need to be brought to life by your hands so that other hearts may sing too :0)

And may I just say do not be affected by the expectations of a viewing public be they strangers or family - though the first can be the second of course. Commercial demands do not free hearts and minds but art produced from the raw, the pure that is deep within is both revolutionary and revelatory for the viewer...and sometimes for the artist too.

Your work HAS to emerge because you have and continue to to become more and more aware of your creative inner passion not caged by established convention, nor victim of fashionable artistic expression but set free by a heart brave enough to dare and a mind that does think further than protocols or expectations.

I love the Angel of Colour Theory, just want her six foot high now Ha-ha.

Take care, be gentle on you and realise it is in yoyr heart that the images are created and with heart people will respond I am absolutely sure.


I like it.

That is all. ;-)


A beatiful, inspiring work by a beautiful and inspiring person ~ Thank you for sharing this with us.


Thank you for sharing this with us. It is beautiful. I love the angels, as you know. The first step is always the hardest.....


My little heart is pounding and my breath is shallow.

I am so PROUD of you for being BRAVE and showing us this personal piece. My heart sings for this first step in sharing with the WORLD!!!

Sending prayers of thanksgiving for your generosity!


Breathtaking, beautiful. WOW! I just love it, it takes the breath away.


Brava, Greta. Daisy-Winifred's comment is so bang on, I don't know what else to add, except that I am enormously proud of you and so confident that you have set foot on a path that will lead you to places you never dreamed possible... in yourself and in your work. Blessings are yours. Embrace them!


Your work is lovely. Your creativity astounding. I love that the Shrine is constructed of found objects. Thank you for sharing.


Greta, this is tremendous! The moment when the printer pulled up the portrait of your sculpture must have been just amazing. I'm only now catching up with what's happened over the past two or three days, but my goodness! I'm so thrilled for you. I love your St. Catherine! Enjoy this whole thing, and please keep sharing as much as you care to with us -- it's such a gift to watch this unfold.


Greta - I love it. I'm going to be thinking about the concept of an Angel of Color Theory for the rest of the week. Its beautiful!


I'm so proud of you.


Greta, It is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your shrine.

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