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Greta, I'll be thinking happy thoughts. Hope the migraine goes away. I'm on day 4 of mine.


Greta, just catching up after arriving home from Phoenix. Thank you so much for sharing your art - it is beyond wonderful! It gladdens my heart to see you putting it out into the wide world. My son's ex-girlfriend's mom is an extraordinary artist, and because of the same kinds of criticism you know, as well as a thieving ex-manager, she has abandoned her passion and is a sadder person for it. Thankfully, she has gifted me with some of her work, and I truly cherish it. Keep moving forward! I hope your migrane abates soon.


God, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets caught in my jammies. I'd better get moving, or I'm going to be going to *preschool* in them... ;)


Brava for making it to the Accountant's, especially on a day that got off to a rough start. Hope your meeting went well, and that your head was not throbbing all. Sleep well tonight -- I hope in a home with perfect new drywall!


Greta, I am just now starting to catch up... what a wow couple of days you have had!

1. Thank you for the retrograde reminder. I was *wondering* what the hell was up with me lately.
2. The shrine is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it, it is (dare I say it outloud, or will I ruin it for myself?) Inspiring me to get out some Art Supplies.
3. Here, here, on the "useless" comment. That really was a description of about the LEAST useless reaction I can imagine. MY version of useless usually involves the fetal position and a box of kleenex (which is why I have chosen not to have kids--I just couldn't take the "thrills").
4. I am SO glad to hear that the printer had great images for you. The first time a real photographer took slides of some of my artwork, I felt so ...Encouraged... . Seeing my stuff on a screen made me feel like I really was doing a Useful Thing. I can only imagine how good seeing "prints-to-be" feels...

OK. could this comment BE any longer? Obviously I am overdue for a pain pill. In any case, thank you for the well-wishes, and I hope to spot you at MS&W so I can take you up on the hug.


This morning I decided I would put Owen on the bus in my pajamas and a sweatshirt. It was very liberating. ;) Good luck at the accountant. And I hope the drywall goes smoothly as well.


I hope things went well at the accountant's! When all else fails, eat chocolate (and eat it when things are going smoothly, too).
The knitter critter blankie is lovely. I hope you have it tacked down somehow, though, or it could become a knitter critter flying carpet!


Does Vermillion give you a headache? Just wondering. I sometimes paint in acrylics and the Vermillion always gets me. It just smells weird. I can even smell when a blend has Vermillion in it. Is that strange?

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