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Aren't Honda people great. I just loved working for them, it was an awesome experience. Plus who would have ever thought I could sell cars.


Have fun at the Sheep Festival!! Wish I were there. Ah, maybe next year.


Right now, I'd settle for half the service. (Trying/waiting to get the undisclosed transfer case leak resolved.) I haven't been driving much until this is fixed, so I miss my CR-V too!


I LOVE my Honda guys over at A Foreign Affair. I won't buy anything but a Honda because I can't imagine going to anyone else for service. Seriously... and especially since Kevin (the owner) named his daughter after me... I mean, how can you walk away from that?!

I'm assuming then that your Mommymobile is an Odyssey? Mine is too!


We had a similar electrical problem with our Saturn. We were on I-95 and it did die and we had to coast to the shoulder. They flatbed towed me, Kevin and Gracie (in her carseat) back to NY from NC, with Merle the truck driver listening to Wilson Philips. Oh and Gracie had a reaction to penecillin but they were worried it was German Measles. What a disaster. It is nice to be able to look back and laugh.


In my opinion, having a good shop to take your car to is one of the most important parts of the Piece of Mind puzzle in modern life. My little dream car has a wonderful spa in Boise that sounds much like the one you have there. Makes all the difference in the world. Have a blast at the festival, you lucky duck!

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