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Go Greta!!! (You know, it doesn't take much to mistype your name as Great... which is highly appropriate!)


Woo-hoo! You go girl!


Y'know, there are just SOME women who NEED to be blonde, for the reasons you have just outlined, namely to wreak havoc on the assumptions of the guys driving TRUCKS that get 12 miles per gallon.

And yeah, I'll take the gas mileage challenge... ;)


Way to go Greta!! Wow Melissa is right it is really easy to speal Great instead of Greta. I want one of those jobbies, what do I need to do? Talk to you soon, enjoy this spring day.


UGh! woohoo - I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm *so* close to forking over 80 friggin bucks for one of those "official" ones... someone stop me!


OK, so I instantly thought "blocking board," and a nice one at that, and seeing how I'm still using recycled cardboard for mine, your idea is very tempting. And you're covering it with fabric to boot--how excellent!


You need to move closer to me. You have all the skills my father never taught me.

I get the same thrill when I go to a yarn shop and mess with the minds of the staff.


Want some five dollar sheets?
I still can't believe I found those...... And now I know what to put them on! Insulation! First comes garden, though..... :)


You rock!


Although I am ashamed to admit that I never block (at that point all I want to do is try on), your genius board makes me want to. I wanna go mess with the men in Manland's heads. You definitely rock!


I love it when you do that, Danger Girl!


Yahooo! Take that, he-mens!


What a great story! I love it. Anytime you can get a denizen of Manland's expression to change from smug to surprised is such a fun moment. (And glad to hear the plumbing prayers were of some benefit, too!:))


All I can say to that is "Woooo-HOO!" -- but I think that's enough. :)


That is fantastic! I use this stuff as a design wall for my quilt art. click on "design wall" and you will see it. http://www.melanietesta.com/mtype/archives/2004_03.html
I covered mine in felt and wedged it between the floor and ceiling. it glows pink, through the flannel.

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