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Oh my, what a mess! But at least you got the problem fixed. I know all about that sheetrock dust. We had a renovation a couple of years ago, and I'd come home to find drifts of it in corners everywhere - despite the fact that they'd promised to vacuum it up every day (they never did.) I hope you are able to get your repair done without it affecting your lungs! As an asthmatic, I can definately relate. Good luck with future photo uploads.


Migraine! Breathing problems! Don't let me have to get bossy back with you! Oh, dear. Lots of quiet if you can get it, LOTS of liquids to ease the head pain, lots of deep, easy breathing to help both. And lots of love sent your way.....


Oh, Lordy, love, when it rains it pours, and literally! I hope the cherry piece survived the dousing. We're ready to be your harbour, as needed. Not exactly convenient, but maybe the sheetrockers will want to come when you're off to MS&WF . . .


WOW~ What a nightmare! I sure hope everything resolves itself. Just stay out of that sheetrock guys/gals way. We don't want you in the hospital nor in distress.

Did the cherry furniture survive?


Can someone else come in to supervise the sheetrock minions? As someone who has had the "one more exposure" sermon when it comes to sheetrock, drywall and anything else that makes that fine dust as well as new carpeting, cubicles and other items laden with formaldehyde and chemicals, glues, etc...please be careful. At the very least, wear a mask. The best would be the kind that actually blocks everything and supplies oxygen, but I'm not sure you would have access to such. Take breaks away from it, somewhere the air is free of the floating particles. Truly the best alternative is to let someone else handle that part for you, including any cleanup. I sympathize with the house woes that drain the bank account. There are times I was sure we had moved into the "Money Pit".


That sucks. I hope you can find a way to get through the sheetrocking. Our house in London, had plumbing like yours. It dripped right through the ceiling and into the dining room. I hope your piece of furniture survived. Hang in there.

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