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Florintina owner of Daisy-Winifred

I know how it is with Mums who forget to put the true stars on their pages. In this household we let Mr Bryn think he is the picture kinf but Caravaggio and I know the truth is that such beauty as ours is hard to capture using a camera and our Mum has enough trouble trying to find the shutter bitton before we even begin to mention her lack of focus and that's without the camera :0)

I remember when Mum was lying in the old bath in the tin shack she called a bath room and we all suddenly heard some new and very colourful words coming out of there, she appeared naked and grabbed the umbrella from the hook and went back in to the bathroom when we all poked our heads round the door she was back in the bath with the umbrella stuck in the hole that had appeared in the roof.....she was still mutterring about buckets of hot water not being wasted when she came out again and put her rubber boots on and went outside. We think she forgot she still didn't have any clothes on put she climbed up on the roof and started hammering and speaking VERY loudly using even more new words. It was very windy and rainy that day so maybe she just decided she wasn't going to get any more clothes wet but we still think she forgot she was naked.

She tells us that the leaks and damp patches are normal when renovating a cottage but some of our friends say their Mums never go up on a roof naked so we just smile when she tells us this and ask for some extra munchies to stop us laughing.

Yours in feline fraternity, Florintina


Dagnabbit, Greta's cats, you're gonna make me get rescued! A call's come from some 11-yr-old black fella whose person leaves him alone too much . . .


hee hee - Kitties, you're doing everything right - making Daisy-Winifred tell great naked stories, and making Maggi hear the call of the wild..... Now just leave your Mom alone for three seconds while she takes a VERY DEEP breath, and then send her lots of purring love....


Dear Kitties - When your mommy is done with her plumbing problem, please tell her if she doesn't have one, she should get a card reader. That's the easiest way to put your pretty pictures on her blog. Then she doesn't need to worry about the camera talking nicely to her operating system. That's what my mom does. A friendly woof to you from Bandit.


Kitties...stay out of the Noro pile...Mommy won't like that! Tell Mommy, "Smile. It makes people wonder what you've been up to." Just like you guys do, and boy, does she wonder!


*snort* Humans.

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