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Uncommon Threads! I know them! They rock!


A perfect tale ~ Just keep tossing us these little glimpses of your time away and we'll somehow survive your absence! SO GLAD it's all SO good~ XXO


Did I miss something?? You brave...I thought you'd 'just' held onto the truth, committed yourself to life and its living for you and those wee birds of yours, created a space in your heart to understand and even when you didn't understand listen and hear, losend ties on should and could and tightend the ones on is and can, walked forward even though the dark blotted out your feet and the thumping of your heart deafend you. You brave....think that maybe today you are becoming more fearless, forgiving and free for your self but brave? maybe that's only for knights on white chargers not for gals in sweaters, flying goggles and hands on racing car wheel. For them is love and maybe love oh and yes there's always love :0)
May star light and sun light continue to fill your days as you journey to places where courage, peace and love have I am sure been drawn on to make this exciting but suspect daunting trip into a world of yesterday which walks gently by your side today because in this instance you have been brave and looked in your heart as well as the smiling faces of your friends and Daughter.


What a remarkable story. I was going to say I can't believe Daughter bird could remember the shop so vividly. But I know better. :) Those visual minds...It is positively beautiful, this journey you and daughter bird are sharing. I received a beautiful smile from Owen this weekend. I am tearing up thinking about it and replaying it over and over in my head. It was real, it was spontaneous, it was a connection. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure.


How cool to be remembered like that!! Personally, I think that's one of the signs of a great place to do business. My dad used to go to a restaurant where the owner was like that - remembered what you had to drink normally, and knew the regular's cars so he could go out and feed the meters out front while you ate. He actually ratted me out to my folks when I snuck in one day for lunch with my boyfriend. I'd only been there once before with my folks, about 18 months before! Next time my dad was there, the owner told him I'd been in two months earlier!!!

Glad you are having such a wonderful trip!


I grew up in Los Altos (Hills) that is! I long to return to Uncommon Threads, and Stitches for that matter- but it is not in the cards this year! Wah!

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