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The Mama candles are lit, my dear.I can't make it to Stitches, but here's a hug (((good vibes)))


Greta your mama is in my thoughts. About 10 years ago my mom had a reoccurrence of breast cancer. She is a remarkably strong woman. Your mom sounds remarkably strong too. Hang in there.


Oh oh oh. Putting her at the top of my list. I was just having bitersweet mama thoughts myself, reading M-DKnitting . . . I'm so glad you're out there, much as we miss you~


aw, I'm so sorry. (wave, wave, wave) those were the dpns wishing her health and contentment.


Oh, honey honey honey. I'm sooooo sorry. Why didn't you tell me? Not a cell phone conversation, I suppose..... You know my thoughts and love are with you. I'll see you Friday where you'll be squoooozed to within an inch of your life. Time for more Mama-prayer stitches to be made....


My thoughts are with you and your mother, Greta. I'm so glad you'll be with her in person. Take care.


So sorry Greta. What timing. It's great that you will be with your mother.


Oh, Greta. You and your mother are in my thoughts. I'm glad you're with her, and I'm glad that you're in a place with lots of people who love and support you.


I'll knit and pray and think healing thoughts for her. I'd mail you a casserole, if I could.


Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your Mama. Had a candle lit for you this morning.
Wish I could be at Stitches to give you a good squeeze.
Hang in there!


Sending good thoughts your way, Greta. Such a sad and frightening time for you both. Candles have been lit and prayers continue.


My prayers are with you and your mom. God Bless.


Unleash the awesome powers of Danger Girl. Much love & healing thoughts are southbound...


My thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and your family...And I am so glad that you can be together right now! Take care...


Sending warm thoughts and hugs. Perhaps we'll be able to meet up at Stitches also? I'll have my mom with me! :)


Of course you know I'll be praying. I really am glad that you are there with her. What an opportunity to love and share and talk and love and hold hands and remember and love .... well you know....


Candles are lit, needles are crossed and hugs coming your way from Indiana. I'm so sorry, dear. Prayers for you and Mama. Take care.

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