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What yarn are you using for Rogue? Did I miss that? And are you super-knitter or what?


I'm just watching for the commercials! :)

Can't wait to see progress pics of your Rogue!
My superbowl project involves what seems like several miles of pale lilac aran cables! :)


My very soon to be 6 year old was surfing around the channels this morning looking for the groundhog. So cute. But this winter stinks! Congrats on all of your knitting progress. I am envious. I barely knit a stitch this weekend.


I see the PA grounhog (I was about to type vampire! Now where did that come from?) agrees with you. We couldn't see our own shadows outside half an hour ago, but it is certainly looking bright enough now. I woke up grumpy, and announced that I beleive there will be a long winter. Not that grumpiness has anything to do with winter. I'm debating about trying to get rid of the grumpeyness and going back to bed. Except my small person won't go for the back to bed. Maybe reading books all bundled up on the couch instead.


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Tina Marie

I enjoy reading through this informal place. I will surely visit you again to see if anything new appears on it.
Good luck for the future.


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