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Hang in there! I'll send positive thoughts for you and your mom!


Okay I'm thinking good mama thoughts for you. Take her with you to Stitches, and let her browse while you track down friends. I wish I was going, although I'm saved from spending way to much on yarn I don't need this wya. :-)

Enjoy your time with your mom, and give the doctors what for while you're at it.


I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your mother. Thankfully you are there for her.


The answering machine?! Must have skipped the advanced course in bedside manner. Thank goodness Danger Girl is on the scene. All good thoughts with you, m'dear.


It's good that you're there to help her through this. You'll both be in my prayers.


How absolutely awful - on a machine? What are they thinking - oh excuse me - they implies they are thinking. You're on my heart...


Hang in there Greta and Mom. Big hugs from the East.


Good thoughts, along with prayers of strength, wellness and grace are headed your way.
Hugs to you and your Mama!


Sending prayers, good thoughts and hugs. I've been caught up in my own medical drama here and am just now finding out your news.

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