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It's good to see your words here, however vague and obtuse. Knit on, and love from the Northlands.


Obtuse is the word I've been looking for is it :0) Seems outstandingly clear to me which probably says as much about me as you ha-ha. Keep walking forward Greta that way you'll get to the beginning that's waiting for you not waving at your back :0) That golden cord you have tied to your heart is link not life belt, the mapping will be all yours and of course the labyrinth being a place of transformation can transform not only its self but a self too. Take care, lattern is still lit here each day and there's still plenty of golden cord linking hearts to light as far as I can tell but only you will really know. First its the knowing then the daring as I am reminded each morning when I sit at my desk and read the note I have pinned on the wall "Dare you have the courage to be who you really are?" Each moment is a discovery and a life lived; may the moments be gentle and the living grand as life itself and the knowing, ah the knowing - be it held secure by a golden thread that links heart to heart and has the strength of light that surrounds supports and surprises you. Much love.


Best of luck doing what you have to do and going where you have to go.

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