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In his footsteps but creating your own footprint. think he'd certainly smile to see you stepping forward towards that far horizon he's always encouraged you to see.
So are you going explain to us mom mathmatical 'children' what a mobius is let alone its principle! I can fly a kite by moonlight though.


ok that was supposed to be non but Mom seems ok too :0)


oh.... moonlight chills you gave me..... You fill his shoes well, darlin'.


Such beautiful words you weave, Greta. You fill his footsteps well. Keep walkin' the walk, baby. xxoo


A beautiful gift, and it sounds so fitting. I hope you are finding peace.


Hi Greta. A pilgramige. What a great description. I'm glad it's going well for you.


Healing is a good thing! And I love the idea of gifting the mobius in your dad's honor (love knitting them too!)

I hope things are going well for your mom. You are in my thoughts.

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