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I'm grinning ear to ear for sweet Tasha today!
The mental image of her pushing the fleece across the floor is hilarious! What a great gift!
Yay, Stonering!


I laughed so hard tears came out of my eyes. What joy. Brava, Stonering!


What a sweet thing for Stonering to do! I can just picture Tasha "herding". For that I will wait another day to hear the Danger Girl story :)
I am intrigued by this doorbell that you "turn".
I've always wanted to live in an old house. Ours is only 10 years old- just a baby!


Oh, I'm so glad Tasha got to carry her own package. And that she likes the sheep. I told Spouse I needed some wool, preferably unwashed, interesting smelling, and from a couple breeds of sheep. (I'm not sure whether different sheep within a herd smell different, but we've got wool around from sheep we never owned too.) And then it took me an extra day to send it because we stayed home all day monday and so skipped going to the post office to get or send mail. (My dog doesn't get to protect me from delivery people, but ages ago I had dogs who made sure to let me know every week when the big nasty old truck came to steal our trash that was so carelessly put out on the curb with no protection.)

It seemed like such a simple thing to do to make Tasha happy. I'm glad she liked her surprize. :-)

Greta, you can have some washed wool if you'd like, if Tasha would understand a sheepy package that wasn't for her. No? Well, maybe I could send some to both of you at some point.


I wish you'd gotten pictures. Although I've tried that sort of thing too. Camera lag is a pain. How about one of Tasha with her flock?


Oh, how lovely to catch-up with marvellous you! I adore the Tasha story AND the idea of you, knitting in a bookmobile. Throw in a cup of good coffee from Peet's, and some drop-in friend visits, and could life be any more perfect? I think not. Stonering is a gem, and so are you, darling.


It's nice to hear that Tasha is having such a good time. It sounds like she is an excellent sheep dog.


That is so sweet! Give the little mother a pat on the head for me. No more herding of your wool projects now, right?


I love the image of Tasha herding the "sheep"! :)

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