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Prayers for your safety on those ice roads and sidewalks, Dear One. xxoo


Brrrr!! It definitely sounds like a good day for staying in with your yarn and your doggie!
Glad you stocked up on the important things! Stay warm and safe! :)


I am thinking good thoughts for you and for Tasha. Both dogs who moved to Oregon with me in 1999, died of cancers, a year and a half apart. :-( The second, Lopsi, had a nasty and viscious brain or bone cancer that was affecting her very quickly at the point we caught it. So many good thoughts for Tasha from all of us, and Sunny-Dog the loopy golden who has had to be Only Dog for a year plus now. Have lots of fun on the good days!


Hope all is ok.


Sorry friends,but I don't know a thing about
knitting. However, any replies about the
country where the air quality is good and
you don't have too many cars like here in
unbreathable california,I'm all ears. Could
you possibly be in ireland? KNITTING RULES!!

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